Fight back against Zoom fatigue z

Fake a bad connection on Zoom

test shot

Choose when you want a bad connection

Overwhelmed by pointless video-chats, conferences and get-togethers?

Presenting Bufferi.ng...

Now you can deliberately stutter your webcam and glitch your sound. It simulates slow-downs, freeze-frames and lag on your video calls.

Dont worry. It doesn't affect anything else on your computer

Boss asked you a difficult question?

Bufferi.ng will also stutter and glitch your sound.

It works on Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and any other video chat program.

How it works


First, you need to install a piece of software called Snapcam on your pc/mac. It is made by snapchat. Don't worry you don't need an account. Follow the instructions here ϊ


Once it's up and running search for the 'too many meetings' filter.

too many meetings search


Want to freeze your webcam? Simply click the screen. The sound will glitch too

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Frequently asked questions

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Will this slow down my computer?
No. Bufferi.ng just simulates a bad connection. It won't affect anything the speed of your pc/mac.
Why did you make this?
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Bad connection


mental health protection

Take back control of Zoom meetings.

Offline communication has evolved over thousands of years. Collectively we've developed thousands of ways to get out of unwanted social situaions: To politely indicate someone is talking too much or wasting everyone's time.

Social Cues

That's much harder online- the tools are too crude to pick up on the all the subtleties of tone and body-language that say:
"You need to shut up".

In an always-on world of constant contact excuses are hard to come by - it's not like you've got somewhere to be.

So what to do? How to cut short the motormouth boss? get out of the pointless meeting? avoid the weird relative?

Fight Back

Bufferi.ng gives you a simple way to stutter your webcam and distort the sound

"So many people spend their working lives doing jobs they think are unnecessary"

-David Graeber

Anthropologist / Author: Bullshit Jobs

February 12, 1961 – September 2, 2020 RIP

A True Story

Every morning my friend walked past a security guard.

He was guarding a small, nondescript gate and would shout and scream at any car, person or dog who got near it.

None of the other security personnel were like this, despite having more important jobs.

This fastidious guard knocked-off work at 6pm and was replaced by a...

traffic bollard


The moral of the story:

The more useless your job,

The busier you need to appear.

What's this got to do with W.F.H and Zoom?

Working from home has increased productivity and job satisfaction for many.


Many managers are becoming obsolete as workers self direct and coordinate projects online. They need to show they are essential and are creating busy work:

So now we have a glut of useless, soul crushing meetings

That's why I created bufferi.ng. Now you can control when your camera lags and stutters and cut your sound out.

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